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"As you walk around Trafalgar Square, you are reenacting not only the first London pride but also part of my personal history and you connect it to your own, as we both remember this past and bring it back to life through our walk. We make Trafalgar Square a window to other times and other worlds—and perhaps we can start to imagine, what do we want this place to look like in the future? What events will take place here?"

Listen to my journey to Trafalgar Square:

Black and white photographs represent different demos of the Gay Liberation Movement in 1970s London. The light blue flyer includes reference to a pride march (1973) on a route similar to the one described to me by my informants, as narrated in the audio recording. These pictures and other archival material are from the LSE Library, Hall-Carpenter Archive. All pictures available online here.

The second last picture was taken by me during the Reclaim Pride march on 24th July 2021, as it passed through Trafalgar Square. 

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