Undone Theatre is a London-based theatre company focussing on experimenting with different forms of storytelling and undoing classical narratives. 


Whether it is an entirely new piece or a complete rewrite of a classical text, we create relevant new work that questions and challenges traditional forms of storytelling.


We are interested in showcasing queer perspectives, non-linear narratives and stories that voice multiple viewpoints.

executive team

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Artistic Director

Gabriele Uboldi (he/him) is an award-winning director, playwright, dramaturg and producer based in London. He is a European artist with a focus on formal experimentation, mediatised theatre and queer performance. He is currently training at RADA and Birkbeck.


With a focus on re-working classical texts, Uboldi has written and directed bold adaptations of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex (2020) and Euripides' Bacchae (2017; Edinburgh Fringe 2018). His pieces, such as Death in the Quad (2018), are often immersive, site-specific and inclusive of live music, dance and physical theatre. Uboldi's directorial style is heavily influenced by his background in Social Anthropology as well as his interests in performance theory, performance in cross-cultural contexts, queer performance and relational aesthetics.


In addition to his work as a director and writer, Uboldi worked as Press and Marketing Officer for Greenside Venues (2019). He was also Head of Events (2018-19) and Head of Programming (2019-2020) for the On The Rocks Festival, where he focused on accessibility and outreach.

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Executive Director

Chloe Ashley (she/her) is a freelance producer and stage manager based in London. Alongside her work at Undone, Chloe freelances as creative producer at Pathway Theatre. She is currently enrolled in the Diploma for Creative Producing, established by the CGO Institute. 


Previously, she has worked as part of the technical crew at Pleasance Theatre Trust Edinburgh (2019). Chloe has worked on numerous regional productions at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews and held the position of Festival Director of the On The Rocks Festival from 2018-2019. Chloe has a particular interest in producing new writing and physical theatre. 




Associate Writer

Georgia Luckhurst (she/her) is a poet and playwright originally from Scotland. Her work has been featured in the Evening Standard, Hearing Aid magazine, and Vague Visages. She writes most often about feminism, the body, and pop culture, and when she's not drafting poetry on those themes, she's sending a tweet about them.



Associate Artist

Joey Jepps (he/him) is a director and writer originally from Hong Kong. He is currently studying on the MA Text and Performance course at RADA and Birkbeck.


Focussing on identity politics, Joey is interested in how entertaining, visually striking theatre can disguise important, thought-provoking questions. Joey has worked at the intersection of theatre and media, with a background in musical theatre and extensive experience in online performance, having directed five digital shows since the start of the pandemic.



Associate Artist

Phoebe Angeni (she/her) is an international artist, having trained intensively at both RADA in London and at the Stella Adler Studio in New York. A two-time performer at the Edinburgh Fringe, her latest work with the Greenhouse, Shellshock!, was shortlisted for The Scottish Theatre Award at the Fringe.


Angeni is most known for her one-woman adaptations of Classical narratives, which explore and address contemporary socio-political issues. Her site-specific eco-feminist piece, Calypso, played at the On The Rocks Festival in St Andrews, while her latest show, an autobiographical adaptation of Homer's Odyssey:

Ithaca, is set to premiere in San Francisco under the direction of Gabriele Uboldi.