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We don't have any open call-outs at the moment, sorry!
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We are a small organisation working on a project-to-project basis and with no core funding. If you are in a position to do so, please consider donating to support our work.

If you are interested in hearing more about how you can support us, please get in touch with our Artistic Director Gabriele Uboldi:


Here's the list of the generous donors who contributed to our 2021 crowdfunding campaign—thanks to their invaluable support, we are able to produce our London debut production of Selected Recordings of Us. Thank you!

Lois Ashenden 

Lara Ashley

Mark Ashley 

Michelle Ashley

Enza Bellocci

Agnese Bogani

Samuele Bolotta

Sebastian Bridges

Mark Bunyan

Enzo Floris

Ellie Connett

Sergio De Palma

Valerie Duffy

Colin Ede

Alan Elliott

Bev Elliott

Bernard Esseul

Fiorenza Felizietti

Rosa Fisco 

Pietro Floris

Maureen James

Ian Jepps

Joey Jepps 

Julia Jepps

Derek Lockwood 

Nicolò Luccisano

Arianna Marazzi

Eilidh Marshall 

Amanda McGregor

Krisztina Pakozdy

Edward Prendergast

Lavie Rabinovitz

Elena Saibene

Nick Smith 

Paisley Turner

Pasquale Uboldi

Monica Verga

Dianne Winch 

Miriam Woods

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