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of us

Expanding on the show's themes of memory and queer remembrance, Undone Theatre is proud to present the Remembering Selected Recordings of Us Project—a collection of photos, fragments, audience reactions and more documenting our theatre company's small contribution to exploring and remembering queer history. 


why this project
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...we often spoke about an urgent desire for queer history, the need for LGBTQ+ individuals to acknowledge a continuous existence through time to ground our present experience. This is what the Remembering Selected Recordings of Us Project is about: creating a present documentation of queer work that can be part of a larger, future archive—it’s a kind of queer history-in-the-making. Just like our characters say in the play, we want to proudly claim that We were here. We existed. We are worth remembering...

Read Gabriele Uboldi's full blog post:



This documentary follows the Undone Theatre team as they prepare to present the London debut production at The Space Theatre in September 2021. Featuring previously unseen BTS footage, exclusive interviews and extracts from the production.


audience reactions
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...exactly the sort of play I’ve been wanting to see for so long. Bold, brave, emotionally charged but self-aware and jarring all at once.

– Henry was such a layered show and so deeply considered... it definitely has opened my mind to the way I portray myself and my memories. Really an essential piece of art for anyone with insecurities and uncertainty—so anyone!

– Krishna 

...a truly intelligent and authentic production that didn’t worry about spoon feeding the audience, but instead got them involved, asked them to help, and enrolled them into the storytelling. Absolutely I would recommend!

The show definitely experimented with new storytelling and was accessible for me—queer, non-binary and neurodiverse!

– Amy 




Missed our show? No need to worry... We have some exciting news about the future of Selected Recordings of Us that we can’t share just yet! Stay tuned, and keep an eye on this page for any updates!

Selected Recordings of Us is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. With special thanks to The Space, Theatre Deli, the University of St Andrews' Enterprise Fund, the Santander Bursary Scheme, and all of Undone Theatre's crowdfunder's generous supporters.

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