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Notes on Revolution

Our 5-star show LESSONS ON REVOLUTION is heading to Soho Theatre this February, as part of the curated festival Soho Rising. We asked co-writer and performer Sam Rees of Carmen Collective how the show came about. This is what he said...

LESSONS ON REVOLUTION has been an idea in our heads for nearly two years now.

Spurned on by the state of the world, and our inability to do anything about it, we wondered how the generations before us had dealt with the idea of radical change.

Where was our story in all of this? Two friends trying to make art and change the world...

Right on our doorstep was the London School of Economics, a site of protest in the late Sixties. In 1968, three thousand students occupied the school in a mass sit-in. 

As the mice and the mould ran amok in our Camden flat, Gab and I put our heads together and started writing. At first, we wrote about LSE, about the Sixties and the weight of history. But then, as the world around us grew noisier, we started to think about ourselves. Where was our story in all of this? Two friends trying to make art and change the world in an unlivable city.

And so LESSONS ON REVOLUTION was born. A show which spans four continents and two hundred years of history, a show which asks what can happen when people come together in a room. Because this show needs you, perhaps more than most. More than anything else, this show is a conversation, and we would love for you to be a part of it. 


You can catch Lessons On Revolution on February 13, 7:15pm, at Soho Upstairs. Tickets are as cheap as £15, but prices increase the more we sell. So grab your tickets now before we sell out!

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