We live in a time where truth and lie merge to form our technology-fuelled reality; this  anxious state is captured in Uboldi’s portrait of the fragile relationship between truth and  self in Oedipus Rex” – STAR Radio, full review available here

​“a spiralized, dystopian rendering of the play, [...] like a Black Mirror episode in the flesh”

“Uboldi has constructed a story that interweaves seamlessly through and upon itself, so full  of careful details and structured levels”

Owl Eyes Magazine, full review available here


Byre Theatre, February 2020

written and directed by Gabriele Uboldi

funded by the University of St Andrews' Performing Arts Fund, with the support of the Centre for the Public Understanding of Greek and Roman Drama

Who is Oedipus? Following a mentally unstable hero who tries to piece together a narrative that is both his own story and an impersonal archetype, this unsettling take on Greek tragedy turns the original text into a modern-day tale about identity, memory, power, and politics. Featuring original music, sound, dance, and videography.


in the quad

College Hall, St Andrews

written and directed by Gabriele Uboldi

On The Rocks Festival, November 2018

You are invited to a formal dinner celebrating the publication of your friend's dissertation. All is well until, all of a sudden, one of the guests dies! Did someone poison his wine? Why?

​Death in the Quad is an immersive, interactive, and semi-improvised murder mystery dinner taking place in College Hall, St Andrews, during a two-course served dinner.


"It wasn't long before the audience was completely won over, providing gasps of mock horror when required. The writing was also well paced throughout the evening, woven smoothly into the meal itself and providing little twists to keep us guessing while saving the biggest revelations for the end"

The Saint, full review available here


in a new version by Ryan Hay

directed by Gabriele Uboldi

Byre Theatre, April 2018

funded by the University of St Andrews'

Performing Arts Fund

Ma and Pa Ubu have been plotting for years, and they've finally pulled it off. They lied their way to the top and they're about to become actual royalty. But after their umpteenth orgy in the royal palace, will their repugnance and their pride come back to bite them?

 ​Ubu Roi is the play that caused riots in the audiences of its early performances in Paris. It is an anarchic scatological satire on power and excess, innovatively presented through dance, film, text, and live music.


written and directed by Gabriele Uboldi

St Andrews, November 2017

Edinburgh Fringe 2018

funded by the University of St Andrews'

Performing Arts Fund

Two visions. No director. Opening night.


Greece, 2400 years ago. When Pentheus, the King of Thebes, refuses to recognise Dionysus in his divinity, the god goes to the city to punish him. Or, this should be the plot, if the theatre company weren't arguing over how to stage the show on the night of the premiere.


An ensemble-based exploration of whether and how classical texts can be relevant today, featuring physical theatre elements, devised sequences, and choreographed dance. 


"A triumphant attempt to turn the 2400-year-old classic drama by Euripides into a funny, politically relevant piece of theatre that appeals to, and engages with, a modern audience"

​"A wonderfully organic combination of the traditional dialogue between the characters, and the actors' hushed conflicts out of character, that does indeed capture the  audience with both light-hearted jokes and serious intensity"

St.Art Magazine, full review available here