by Gabriele Uboldi & Georgia Luckhurst

directed by Gabriele Uboldi 

They promised they would never forget each other, no matter what. Then they broke up. As the detritus of their relationship gradually crowds the stage, two characters grasp at the fragments of their memories to come up with a shared version of their story. But can they agree on a single script?


Selected Recordings of Us is all the photos, misremembrances and possessions left behind, sealed up and packed away after a couple disassembles.

It’s a queer love story that cannot find a stable form and demands that the audience interact, take sides, and be pictured alongside it. We’re gathering evidence to prove what happened, to prove something happened, and you’re a part of it. 


This non-linear two-hander asks how the camera frames our memories, how technology constructs the person we love, and whether a story can ever resist diffraction.


by Phoebe Angeni

directed by Gabriele Uboldi 

An autobiographical adaptation of Homer's Odyssey, Ithaca explores the journey of Nobody, a feminine aspect of Odysseus, who was born in the Cyclops' cave. Nobody's journey is about finding home, but also creating space and a voice for herself within a world and body, which seem to forcefully reject her. 

Ithaca is a Classical adventure endeavouring to shine light on modern forms of marginalisation, prejudice, and oppression in order to make way for the future by re-writing tragic cycles of revenge.


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